Specifications Compliance

Pacific Heat Treating is in compliance with the below specifications; however, we do not currently possess certifications for these specifications. We are happy to address any questions or concerns regarding our processes – your company may formally request for us to complete a Supplier Survey (or some variation) and our Quality Manual is available for review by our customers upon request. Additionally, we welcome audits of our facility to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pacific Heat Treating is currently compliant with:

  • Mil-Q-9858A, Military Specification for Quality Program Requirements
  • Mil-I-45208, Military Specification for Inspection System Requirements
  • AS9003, SAE Aerospace Standard for Inspection and Test Quality Systems
  • ASME Sections II & III, Quality Systems for Nuclear Components and Nuclear Application
  • AMS-H-6875, AMS-2759/1, AMS-2759/2, AMS-2759/3, AMS-2759/4, and AMS-2759/5; Heat Treatment of Steel
  • AMS-H-7199, Heat Treatment of Copper Alloys
  • AMS-2759/7 and AMS-2762B, Steels Used in Aircraft Carburizing Process
  • AMS-H-81200, Heat Treat of Titanium and Titanium Alloys
  • AMS-H-6088, AMS-2770, and AMS-2772; Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
  • Federal Test Method Standard 151, Metals, Test Method
  • Mil Standard 105, Sampling Procedures and Tables
  • Mil-N-14411C, Nickel-Iron Alloy, High Magnetic Permeability

If you ever have any questions or concerns relating to our Quality Control, reach out to us for answers via our Contact Us page!