About Us

Our Mission at Pacific Heat Treating Co. is “To Help Our Customers Succeed.”

At Pacific Heat Treating our strategy is simple: provide excellent, high quality service and productivity to our valued customers.

When a job is brought to us that is outside of our capabilities, we refer our customers to another source, if known, to make sure our customers are taken care of. This business model has proven to be successful for us because our customers trust our expertise and appreciate our honesty, so they gratefully return to Pacific Heat Treating as often as they can. This dedication to customer needs and work ethic has provided Pacific Heat Treating decades of success.

Our Quality has set the Standard for Over 50 Years

Before the technology boom of the Silicon Valley, Pacific Heat Treating started as a small business located amongst the humble orchards of Sunnyvale. Pacific Heat Treating was founded in July 1961 by Leonard Bazzani. In January 1962, Bill Holt began his employment with Pacific Heat Treating and within 12 years, Bill became the new owner and manager of the company. Bill transformed Leonard’s small business into a family-oriented workplace with improved efficiency and new equipment to better serve the heat treating needs of the South Bay. Evolving with the massive changes of the Silicon Valley, Pacific Heat Treating has remained a humble but highly effective operation.

Now a California state corporation, Pacific Heat Treating has remained in the Holt family ever since Bill came onboard, improving internally as the area surrounding the business has drastically changed, too. Pacific Heat Treating is now down the street from the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, operating in the same square footage in Sunnyvale since Leonard started the business in 1961.

We are dedicated to providing the best heat treating services to our customers, and strive to provide ongoing training and knowledge of the industry to all of our employees. Our employees’ expertise in the industry range from 1 to over 40 years. At Pacific Heat Treating, personal and professional growth of the individuals operating the business and the company itself have remained an integral part of our operation, and we are proud to say this has contributed significantly to our success. Pacific Heat Treating continues to look for ways to give back to our community; with a focus on youth development and technology, we have provided opportunities to share our industry knowledge with students throughout the South Bay and greater Bay Area.

Pacific Heat Treating started with 8 furnaces and has expanded to 20 pieces of equipment with a wide variety of general heat treating services. Our objective is to exceed our customer’s requirements and expectations. Our dedication to customer service doesn’t end with heat treating―whether you have a billing question, need to check on a shipment or pickup, or are requesting a quote, our staff and senior employees are here to assist you. If you have heat treating needs, consider Pacific Heat Treating for your future prospects!

We look forward to our continued operation in Sunnyvale for years to come.